Pellets wholesale

For manufacturing fuel granules (wood pellets) FRP Company located in Saint Petersburg region (with Sales Office in Saint Petersburg) uses modern equipment of Muncher. Dry sawdust and conifer shavings are the materials for producing pellets. The full production cycle of this type of fuel starts with the moment of grinding the raw material and ends with its packing. Buying pellets wholesale is possible directly from warehouses of FRP Company.

Wood pellets wholesale is negotiated, please contact us to get prices. The minimum wholesale lot is not less than 1 ton. We pack wood pellets in 1 ton big bags or in 15 kg bags. Pellets purchase may be fulfilled in different lots.

Specification of FRP pellets:

  • Pellets 8 mm and 6 mm in diameter,
  • Level of ash is up to 0,4%,
  • Pellets humidity level is below 8%,
  • Pellets packing – 1 ton big bag or 15 kg bags.

Pellets manufacturing process is carefully planned since quality and production cost will fully depend on preparing (grinding) the raw material, its drying out and compressing.

One of the main advantages of wood pellets is high density of the product which makes pellets transportation easy. We sell pellets wholesale throughout Russia, export in Europe is possible as well.

Wholesale pellets from FRP Company meet international quality standards DIN plus and ENplus A1.

Granules of cylindrical shape, or fuel pellets, are made of ground woodworking, agricultural and furniture wastes (wood shavings, tree bark, flinders, sawdust) which are used for heating premises. It is a perfect alternative for heating premises with coal or firewood. And pellets are easy to buy. Boilers working on pellets are automated. No control is needed during their functioning.