Wood pellets sales by FRP Company

A lot has been said and done recently about creating alternative sources of energy. The main trend in world energetics is switching from irreplaceable energy sources to renewable ones.

One of these renewable energy sources is wood pellets (fuel granules) produced by FRP Company.

Wood pellets are solely made of woodworking wastes on the modern Danish equipment. We offer for sale light pellets of premium class that meet the most strict international quality standards ENplus A1 and DIN plus.


Package weight,


Diameter of granules, mm



Packing 1 ton 15 kg

(packaging – polyethylene)


пеллеты фасовка


Packing 1 ton 15 kg

(packaging – polyethylene)



Big bag (1000 kg)

(packaging – PVC)


пеллеты в биг бэгах


Big bag (1000 kg)

(packaging – PVC)


For wholesale customers our company will be glad to provide discounts depending on the volume and frequency of purchases.

If any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using any convenient way of communication.

We will reply in a prompt way and discuss the special cooperation terms.

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Buying wood heating pellets at the best prices

FRP Company offers you to buy wood pellets at the best prices in the market. We sell heating pellets directly to our customers from our warehouse avoiding resellers and retailers.

The best price for wood pellets from FRP Company is based on the following:

  1. Using modern equipment manufactured by well-known Danish company Sprout Matador.
  2. Low energy and labour costs that were possible to achieve due to modern equipment and modern management techniques incorporated into regular structure of FRP Company. Thanks to these factors the price of wood pellets contains only a small portion of employees’ wages.
  3. Flexible approach to the terms of wood pellets sales. FRP Company has a highly qualified Sales Department, and its staff takes refresher courses on an ongoing basis. That is why FRP Company sells wood pellets on maximum flexible terms. Each customer gets the unique sales system that takes into account all wishes and requirements of the client.

Application of wood pellets

For what application one should buy wood heating pellets?

  1. As a wall filler since wood pellets have perfect heat-insulation properties.
  2. As fuel elements of combined generating systems producing electricity and heat.
  3. As a fuel for boiler-rooms of Housing and Communal Services.
  4. As a fuel for heating private houses (stoves, fireplaces, boilers, etc.).
  5. Wood pellets can even be used as a cat litter box filler as pellets are excellent absorbents!

Benefits for wood pellets buyers

If you decided to order wood pellets, that means you plan to considerably reduce heating costs of your company or your own household. The acceptable price for pellets will enable you save money on your service center maintenance or house winterization since wood pellets cost much less than traditional absorbent or warming materials.

Purchase of wood pellets will become an innovative step for your firm, will reduce total costs per product unit and create one more advantage for your company as a producer.