Wood pellets of highest quality

FRP Company produces wood pellets of premium class. As a raw material, pellets manufacturers use wood shavings or sawdust, in other words wastes of sawmill or woodworking shops that in the recent past were lying and rotting in open air and rain or were taken to the dump. 10-12 cubic meters of sawdust make 1 ton of finished wood pellets.

While manufacturing wood pellets of premium class, FRP Company uses ecologically pure conifer woods without bark – that makes possible to reduce the percentage of ashes to 1% only and to get wood pellets of bright color.

Finished wood pellets are made through grinding, drying out and granulation of raw materials.

Pellets production plant consists of fully automatic production lines. Equipment Muncher that is used during pellets manufacturing is made in Germany.

Quality of FRP pellets

FRP Company manufactures only premium type of wood fuel granules. This type presents bright pellets of 6 mm and 8 mm in diameter that meet international quality standards DIN plus and ENplus A1.

You can check our pellets specification in the copy of certificate of conformity given below.

сертификат EN PLUS ООО ФРП

сертифика на пеллеты

Manufacturing process technology

Preparing raw materials

The process of preparing before production includes sorting raw materials by humidity level, sizes, belonging to a certain type of woods. Then raw materials are refined what means that all heavy admixtures (metals, stones) should be removed. Prepared raw materials are delivered into grinder and ground to powder.

Drying out

Ground raw stuff is dried by coming through a heat carrier. As a heat carrier they use residues left from preparing stage or from screening finished products that makes minimal the costs of wood pellets production.


Dried material goes to granulator. If additional humidification is needed, they use water or steam. The ready mixture is pressed through swage holes. Under impact of high pressure and high temperature lignin which comes from wood splitting bypasses cellulose and makes granule at the outcome. Pellets from sawdust are cut to size with special blades.

Cooling down

During cooling down pellets get required strength. Then chips are screened and sent for second shaping.

Завод по производству пеллет

Packing and transportation

With the help of batcher machine and automatic scale wood pellets are easily packed into big bags or other package type in agreement with customer. Bulk delivery is also possible. High and constant density enables pellets transportation in bulk for long distances.

Finished wood pellets undergo mandatory quality control at the plant. Acceptable humidity level is 8-12 %, granule sizes are 6 mm and 8 mm. The usage of modern technologies ensures conformity of all products with DIN plus and ENplus A1 standards. These standards also indicate the presence of dust and other admixtures. The price of 1 ton of fuel granules depends on the order size. It’s more profitable to order pellets wholesale since in that case discount system is applied.

Benefits of heating with wood pellets:

  • ecologically pure fuel with high heating value;
  • low level of ash;
  • wood pellets don’t cause allergy as don’t contain fungus spores and dust;
  • while storing, pellets take up much less room than traditional firewood.

The main benefit of using wood pellets as a fuel is their being a renewable energy source. When nature resources are wasted on an ongoing base, using alternative types of fuel will ensure further existence of techno-civilization.